My work is an exploration in function, form, texture, and color. My experience in ceramics, sculpture, and printmaking has led me to my current work.


My pieces are intended for everyday use, but it is important to me that they reach outside the boundaries established by today's culture of mass production. Using a handmade piece of pottery on a daily basis allows for a more personal and unique experience that is a result of skill and craftsmanship, which tends to be absent in the world of large-scale manufacturing. It creates a personal connection between the artist and the user.


I create functional pottery that is primarily wheel-thrown and then altered to its finished form. Each piece begins as a blank cylinder thrown on the wheel, and then altered using various hand-building techniques. Through ovaling, darting, removing sections, and building with slabs, I create a unique handmade piece that could never be confused for something found at a chain store.


The work is decorated using ceramic underglazes and direct and indirect printmaking techniques. Occasionally imagery is used in my decoration and is subject based, but most often it is a repetitive pattern used as two-dimensional texture to enhance the smooth surfaces of the work.


Due to the need to see the imagery with which I decorate my pieces, I leave the clay bare or use mostly transparent and translucent glazes in combination with opaque glaze accents. The work is fired to cone six in an electric kiln.

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prints by Nikki McClure